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Just Waiting for Chemo to be Done

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I had my last appointment with my plastic surgeon for a while. Too bad. I kinda liked seeing that cute face every two weeks.

But more appointments are in my future. He still has to finish reconstruction.

And that – from the conversation we had yesterday – looks like it will take place after chemo and before radiation as I had mentioned in a post not long ago (Another “Pump Me Up” Session). I’m VERY excited that this is what he (and my oncology radiologist) are leaning toward since it will cut about 6 months of this journey.

It seems that it would work like this: I finish chemo, recover for a month, have surgery – completing reconstruction on left side and reducing and lifting right side to match, recover for 2-2.5 weeks, move into the 6 week radiation cycle.

At the end of the six weeks, (maybe mid-April) I’d be pretty much done, with the exception of going back to my medical oncologist for my oral hormone inhibitor prescription. That oral drug is to continue for 5 years. (oh joy)

We’ve not discussed “nipple” options so that my follow radiation – and require the 6 months of waiting to do it – but this is pretty minor (probably something like a 3-d tattoo) compared to the actual completion of reconstruction and reduction/lift. It will be a slight speed bump that I’ll have to accommodate in October.

That all sounds much better to me than having the reconstruction and lift/reduction in October.

Now – we’ll just zip through the rest of chemo and – voila – I’ll have new perky boobs for my radiation sessions!

Author: jillpurdy

A few months ago I wasn't but now I'm a statistic. That doesn't define me. I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, a step mom, a grandmother, a friend and a Christian. I will continue to love exercise, music, cooking and food, and my family and friends. I'm stubborn, energetic, giving and too OCD for my own good sometimes. And I'm going to stay this way - despite cancer and the treatments that it takes to give it the royal beatdown.

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