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Git’er Done

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Back home after surgery…

All points of detailing are done – except the tattoo which will have to come after 3-D nipple has healed. I don’t know what that time frame is but it doesn’t involve surgery so I’m happy.

I have no idea how anything looks (except my port scar) because I’m still all bundled up in my pink corset. But my plastic surgeon is one of the most detail-oriented, respected and adored (and handsome) perfectionists around (as nurses have told me)… so I’m sure it will be as amazing as it can possibly be.

I’m not really concerned about that. It’s quite amazing how this entire experience has changed my perspective on looks. I care how I look but I’m not as convinced that I have to be as close to perfect as possible anymore. I’m just glad to be here and have hair, eyelashes and eyebrows!

My 4th surgery experience….

I continue to be pleased with the way CMC does things and treats patients – even as large as the facility and organization is.

There are plenty of people to greet you at CMC’s One Day Surgery Center. They’re very helpful and engaging. I’ve never felt as though they didn’t want to be there or didn’t live what they do. They have one person who does nothing but put folders together for the people who accompany patients and let them know how they can track the patient’s progress. They also have a liaison person who sits down with you before the patient goes into prep to explain the folder, everything available to the person accompanying and what will take place for the patient. They let the accompanying person know all of the food and drink resources closeby and what to do with their parking pass. This is new. We didn’t have this liaison person on any of our previous visits. It’s great – even for us veterans – because we may not know everything that is around or available to those who have to spend so much time waiting. They really are focused on the experience of the patient and those who are the there with them. It’s quite a comfort.

Everyone is helpful. Everyone engaging. I had quite a team working on me. A prep nurse, a vein specialist, a surgical nurse, an anesthesiology nurse and anesthesiologist and my surgeon. I must say that the vein specialist that put in my IV lived up to her nickname – The Vein Whisperer. I didn’t even feel it. I know they use numbing solution, but I’ve still had interesting experiences even with the solution. That is a special skill and The Vein Whisperer has it!

And I just can’t say enough about my doc. Awesome.

Whatever they gave me….as a precursor to anesthesia knocked me out. I don’t remember anything after we made the corner getting out of my prep room. (By the way, I had the luxury suite! Maybe you have to have punched your ticket 4 times to earn it, but I had the corner room that was huge! It was very spacious with plenty of room for 3 or 4 people to be in at the same time. I think two nurses, my anesthesiologist and Dennis were all there at once at one point.

So I have no description of this operating “theatre” or anything that went on in that room. My anesthesiologist had said I should be awake enough to move onto the operating table. If I was able to do that, I have no idea…. I’m thinking that they had to help!

My surgery took a little longer than expected but he did a little more than first planned….adding some filling in to match fullness of my implanted side and the reduced side.  ….and he filled in the “gulley” created under my arm because of the lymph node removal plus the implant. So my armpit should be prettier. (something I’ve haven’t really worried about!

It took me a while to wake up. Maybe 2 hours in phase 1 recovery and then about 1.5 hours in phase 2 recovery. I think I should have stayed a little longer in phase 2. The ride home was pretty far from pleasant. By the time we sat in rush hour traffic and made it home, I wasn’t feeling good at all. I slept from 5:30-7:30 didn’t feel like eating and slept more in 2-3 hour spurts until 4:30 am when I decided to eat something and take pain meds. That allowed me to sleep until 7:30am.

That is when I noticed the biggest difference in my awareness and mobility. If it weren’t for the pain, I would be pretty good!

But – as planned – we got’ir done!






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A few months ago I wasn't but now I'm a statistic. That doesn't define me. I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, a step mom, a grandmother, a friend and a Christian. I will continue to love exercise, music, cooking and food, and my family and friends. I'm stubborn, energetic, giving and too OCD for my own good sometimes. And I'm going to stay this way - despite cancer and the treatments that it takes to give it the royal beatdown.

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