wide-eyed at 4am


Chemo #3

This round of chemo unfolded as usual except Sara Beth came to sit with me.Chemo #3 d

The time passed quickly because the two of us worked on newsletter content. I usually work during the infusion time but having her there to collaborate was really great.

Zipperina (Jackrabbit mascot) came along and was nursing attendant…..my nurse got a kick out of it.

Chemo #3 cChemo #3 aChemo #3 b

I felt pretty good afterwards. We went to choir practice but it really wore me out. I had Lymphedema Therapy on Friday morning. And I was still “OK.” My head felt as though it had to keep up with my body. But I made it through. We had lunch and went home for a few minutes. I didn’t have long before going back to LCI Pineville to get the immune system booster shot.

After that, it was 4pm and I was tuckered out.

BLOG_Sketchers_092015We made one stop at Rack Room. I got a present for myself: a pair of really comfortable and cute Sketchers. (well – actually 2 pair – it was BOGO – and who can pass that up?)

I slept after eating a small dinner. Saturday morning arrived with the fatigue and foggy headedness setting in. The lack of desire for food was in full force and I really didn’t want to look at anything that was moving fast. I needed to get over that somewhat so I could watch the Georgia game at noon. There was no way I was missing that.


I actually made it through several games but dozed on and off through all but our game. By evening, I knew I had to eat something but nothing sounded good. I gave in halfway through the afternoon and took a nausea pill, but the queasies were there to stay for a few days.

Sunday wasn’t going to be good. I knew it.

The headache and bone aches showed up. The Claritin helped a little – along with ibuprofen but not a lot. I really didn’t even want to move. My eyes watered and I didn’t want to focus on anything. Wearing my glasses made it worse so I just closed my eyes.

Monday was better but only slightly. I worked but stayed home. I tucked myself under my blanket, cranked up my laptop and worked on blog posts. Making myself concentrate on the writing made the time pass and helped me forget the aches and the queasies – even if just for a few moments.

By evening, I was better. I made dinner and it even tasted pretty good to me. Maybe Tuesday would be turnaround day.

Tuesday’s Lymphedema Therapy was good. Getting the laser massage was awesome. It loosened up the tightness in my shoulder and side. The gentleness of the therapist’s hands urging my remaining lymph nodes to “help out” was very relaxing and soothed my remaining “yuckiness.”

After lunch I become tired but I decided to work through it. It just wasn’t going to get the best of me today. I made black bean soup for dinner. It was perfect. Tasted good to me and filled me up just enough.

I’m tired but feel pretty good. I have a long day tomorrow.

  • Work out with trainer
  • Head up to Huntersville by 1
  • DISC training from 1-4
  • Company dinner at 5
  • Make the long drive home

I hope I’m not exhausted by the time I head home. I don’t like the drive anyway and doing it tired won’t be any fun.